Ethics in an App


Hans-Christoph Steiner works to make private-by-design easy for all. He spends his time making private software as usable as possible; designing interactions focused on perceptual capabilities; and composing music with computers. With an emphasis on collaboration, he works on free software for mobile and embedded devices, free wireless networks that build community, musical robots that listen, programming environments to let you play with math, and jet-powered things that you can ride.

Aaron Kaplan is a creative IT (security) person, founder of the free wireless mesh community and, frequently speaking at IT security conferences. Member of the board of directors of between 2014-2018. He rethinks digital society as a whole and is the idea-giver and the initiator of Ethics-in-an-App together with Hans-Christoph Steiner. @

Petra Schmidt is a cultural anthropologist and has been a project manager for many years. She is a wizard when it comes to the creative use of machines. She was a tech columnist for specialist magazines and is highly experienced in professional data protection. Her motto is: there is a hack for everything, just be creative in finding it! She is Communications Manager of the Austrian digital rights NGO

Thomas Lohninger is one of the creative minds behind the project. He merges different fields of expertise to get powerful insights on how technology shapes our society. With his professional background in IT as a Senior Fellow of the Mozilla Foundation and as a cultural scientist, he brings forth innovative perspectives that are always rooted in policy discussions. He is Executive Director of the Austrian digital rights NGO

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The Project was made possible with the financial support of Ma7 Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien, Projektzeitraum (verlängert wg. Corona): 12/2019-12/2021